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About my Training


At every age, in every lifestyle, we want to be healthier and get better results.  I design every training program for my client and their specific goals.  No matter if you are looking for  weight loss, extra strength, flexibility or overall conditioning - I'll design a program that fits you. More importantly, I understand that age and lifestyles play a big part in the success of a fitness program. I always want you to enjoy your life - food, fun, friends and family - while still achieving your fitness goals.

About Stacy

Stacy Gillis

I’ll admit, I’ve always been active.


My health and fitness journey actually began decades ago when I was in middle school and decided to join the track team.  Fast forward to life after raising four children and finding my passion for exercise, I decided to train for my first figure competition in 2011.  I earned two- first place titles after months of hard work and dedication. I loved training and having a goal and it was then that I knew I wanted to help other people achieve their own fitness goals and start a new career.  I became a certified personal trainer in 2011, and eventually opened my own personal training business in 2016.


In my personal life, I love spending time with my four daughters and two grandchildren.  Staying active is a way of life for me; whether it is playing golf, hiking, or heading to the beach for some kayaking or paddle boarding, I love to find ways to stay active, as well as trying out new recipes at home.


Growing up in an Italian family – pasta and bread will always have a place in my heart & stomach, but I have a found a great nutritional balance & I love to share healthy eating habits with my clients.  


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