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My Training Programs

I offer personalized training for men, women and doubles in my private studio in Andover, MA.  Training is designed with results in mind, while also combining nutritional advice and motivation.  A healthier lifestyle can be achieved by anyone - let me help you get on a track for results and success!

Private Training

One hour sessions in a private facility.  Typical session:  Stretching, conditioning, strength training, endurance training and balance training.  Sessions are customized based on goals & ability.  


Doubles Training

Train with your friend, family member or spouse.  Training with a partner makes it fun, adds accountability and is cost-effective!


TRX Training

Suspension Training System.  Use your own body weight, no weights or machines.  Build, burn, tone and strengthen!


GFS - Golf Fitness Specialization

Lower your scores and prevent golf-related injuries!

Improve club  head speed and distance

and reduce the chance of lower back injuries

Improve flexibility and core strength 



Provide nutritional advice, guidance and suggestions.​Guide you as to what to eat before and after workout for best performance.

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